Alexis Compassionate Care

We Are Your Best Senior Care Companions and In-Home Caregivers in Los Angeles County and Ventura County, CA

Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care Agency is the core of home care assistance, the heart of elder care services, and the foundation of personal care assistance. Our caregivers, elderly sitters, private duty attendant caregivers, home health aides, certified caregivers, and senior care companions for all of our Ventura County facilities are trained and experienced in effectively responding to your care requirements and ultimately improving your quality of life.


We recognize that finding senior care service providers and reliable home attendants can be a full-time job, leaving precious little time for family members to do what they do best; run their own lives. We have the ability to provide caregivers with personal care assistance experience on short notice.


Recruitment and placement of qualified and experienced in-home caregivers for Ventura County households is our business. At Alexis Compassionate Care, that’s all that we do.


We take pride in our proven track record of placing qualified caregivers within 2 hours of a request. A single phone call is all it takes to set up the home care assistance service.


Hiring an attendant caregiver should not be a burden.

You can rely on our experience at Alexis Compassionate Care. When you hire from us, you don’t just hire our caregivers, you hire our expertise, our experience, our dependability, and our commitment to getting our clients the lowest possible cost for best senior care services in the Los Angeles County.

At Alexis Compassionate Care, we provide:

  • Service within 2 hours of your call
  • Free hospital or home evaluation visits to discuss your needs and special requirements
  • We will explain to you our service options and rates.
  • We will customize solutions to suit your needs.
  • We will give you an opportunity to choose from at least three (3) qualified candidates based on your assessed requirements

In-home Assessment

  • A thorough home care assessment to evaluate client needs and preferences is conducted prior to the initiation of services and caregiver selection.


The screening and selection of caregivers are one of our most critical tasks. All Alexis Compassionate Care caregivers are employees of the agency. The agency assumes all responsibilities for payroll taxes, benefits, scheduling, bonding, insurance, and worker’s compensation.

Our in-home care services for the Los Angeles County is very competitive. If you want to know if our packages are suitable for your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can schedule a home care needs assessment with us by calling 800-418-8576. Alexis Compassionate Care will be able to send a care coordinator to consult with you further about elder care services and cost-effective options that will work for you.

We’ve got the experience, we’ve got trained caregivers…Tell us how we can put this to work for you?

We can customize a care plan based on your home care needs assessment information which will lead to more favorable results when you start enjoying home care assistance from Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care Agency.