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As Time Goes By: What Our Bodies Experience as We Age

Los Angeles California is a city where we can feel young again; we have the Pacific Ocean just right beside us, with pretty ladies walking around and tanned guys lifting the weights. We got the donut shop across the corner with its iconic giant O logo perched on top of the shop itself. We have Hollywood where you just might be able to meet a celebrity you watched on the television. Indeed it is a place where people gracefully grow old, with the help of friends, family, or caregivers in Los Angeles, of course. We do have to admit that even if we live in a place that makes us feel young, we can’t deny that our bodies aren’t becoming stronger. We sometimes even say the phrase “my mind wants to, but my body refuses”.

Let’s take a look back to the time when we’re young, and address the fact that we have surpassed it and are now in another stage of our lives. It’s not our fault why we no longer are able to sprint from one point to the other or drink like Vikings till the sun comes up. Sometimes, that’s just the way it really is.

Back when we were kids, we were able to eat what we wanted to eat – pizza, shakes, burgers, and fries – those that are now deemed unhealthy were mere snacks to us. We didn’t care what the label told us, as long as it tasted good, we would eat it. Yes, those were good times indeed. But as we grow older, our bodies grow weaker, and along with it, our organs. Gone are the days when drinking too much did not put too much strain on our liver. We used to feel like champions for being able to stand after a night of hard-drinking. We used to be able to go for hours on end without having to go to the bathroom to urinate. Now it’s a different story, we know can no longer abuse our bodies the way we did back in the day because our organs can no longer keep up. And no, it’s not because you didn’t do something about it before. It’s just a normal transition into later adulthood.

Do you hear that? Yes, the sound of painful, rough collisions of bones. Back in the day, you were able to play street ball with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood and you didn’t stop until your mom came looking for you. Some of you may have remembered riding the bicycle down the road, peddling ad peddling until the wind beats on your face. Back then, it was a breeze to do those activities. We never heard or felt our joints and bones cracking or creaking as we walked, you may have only felt the sting of bruises when you fell to the ground but never felt the feeling of creaking bones and painful joints. But now, it’s a different story.

Looking back at your photos during the 70s or early 80s, you noticed that there is a big difference on your physique now compared to back then. You were fit, you were sexy. You didn’t need any help from caregivers in Los Angeles back then. No, you were the epitome of being healthy back then. You and your friends posing topless on the seashore, flexing those guys like you were part of Baywatch during those vacations, or you posing beside your Harley looking lean and mean. How the times have changed!

Some of us remember driving the lonely and dark sections of Route 66 during the 80s with our mustangs growling like stallions galloping loudly on the road. Our eyes were like hawks that adjusted fast. We used to rev up that V8 engine and put the meter to a minimum of 80 despite the fact that we were driving at night. We didn’t have any problems back then; we used to see everything clearly. We didn’t have to use glasses with inch-thick lenses back in the day as it wasn’t cool to be seen wearing them. Now it’s different; some of us can no longer see clearly behind the wheel, so we turn it down and drive at a maximum of 40. Some of us, now fads, would need someone else to drive for them as they can no longer see 5 feet from them. Times have really changed.

As you read this in your LA apartment, you can’t help but remember the good old times when you were able to relish the finer things in life without your body pulling you down. Though these days may just be a distant memory now, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life anymore despite your age. In order for you to live a normal and happy life considering your age is a helper or a caregiver. They understand the dilemmas of aging and make it a point to help you move forward and enjoy your life regardless. They make life easier for you and your family as they provide a degree of care and dedication that will help you get back on your feet and enjoy life.

If you are looking for reliable caregivers in Los Angeles, we at Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care Caregivers Agency provide just what you are looking for. At Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care Caregivers Agency, we are dedicated to providing you with in-home caregivers who are committed to helping you get back and face life head-on. For more information, you can call us at 800-418-8576, 818-728-9878, or 310-913-2895. You can also leave us a message at You can also visit our offices located at 3470 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 860, Los Angeles, CA 90010 and 16200 Ventura Boulevard #224 Encino, CA 91436. Growing old doesn’t mean not doing the things you love to do. Let us strive to achieve those goals together!

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