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Happy = Healthy: The Effects of Happiness to an Elderly’s Health and Why it is Important

Happiness is a mental or emotional state attributed to positive emotions such as joy and contentment. For our aging loved ones, achieving happiness becomes complicated given the challenges that they may be facing. The challenges may include health problems, loneliness, fear, and many others. Fortunately, there is help available in places like Los Angeles and Ventura County. Some agencies are dedicated to assisting seniors to keep them healthy and happy like Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care Agency. Keeping the elderly happy may seem demanding but it can be as simple as giving them time, love, and attention.

Effects of Happiness to a Senior’s Health

Aside from making you feel better, happiness is also proven to bring in health benefits which are critical for people of age. Here’s how being happy affects health:

Improved Immune System

Researches state that being happy promotes engagement in healthy activities. This can help boost the immune system which is important in overall wellness.

Reduced Stress

Negative stress can disturb sleeping patterns and increase the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Being happier reduces stress levels which keeps you away from these health risks.

Healthier Heart

Being happy lowers your risk of heart diseases by reducing blood pressure.

Eases Pain

Arthritis is one of the challenges that the elderly face. Some studies support the fact that a positive outlook in life can help reduce pain caused by this condition.


Happiness can also improve one’s physical functions. It can strengthen and improve balance which can also be a problem for aging seniors.

How Caregiving Keeps the Elderly Happy

In the aspect of happiness, companionship is the main reason why having a caregiver is beneficial for our aging loved ones. Having someone to communicate with and to help you get through day-to-day tasks is an additional reason to be motivated. When a person is motivated, he will have more energy to perform healthy activities that are good for both mental and physical health.

Just like with many other things, communication is also a primary key to happiness. Open communication should be maintained to understand and deliver what the senior requires to be content and happy. This also applies to providing effective care to the elderly. Through social development, the senior can lead a more improved holistic wellness. Some specific examples to lift a loved one’s mood include visiting friends and relatives, reminiscing memories, and making them feel needed. Also, give them independence in doing things and only provide help when needed. Asking them directly about what can make them happy can also go a long way.

Here at Careworld Home Care Agency, our senior caregivers are trained to put the patient’s needs and wellbeing above anything else. If you are struggling in maintaining your personal life and providing the attention that your elders need, then talk to us about live-in or in-home caregiving. Call us at 1800-418-8576 today to make your loved one’s life happier and healthier.

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