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How the Current and Anticipated Senior Citizen Statistics Affect Elder Care in the US

Senior citizens are people aged 65 and above. Coincidentally, baby boomers will be aged between 56 and 74 in the year 2020. This makes them the major contributor to the composition of the senior citizen population for the next decade. In the United States of America, the senior population has been rapidly increasing and is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2060, it is expected to reach a whopping 100 million which is double the current statistic. With this enormous rise in the number of elders, the need for elder care in Thousand Oaks, CA, and generally the whole USA will also increase.

The life expectancy of US citizens has increased from 68 years old back in 1950, to almost 80 in the present. This is associated with the reduction of older age mortality which can be attributed to the modernization and widespread elder care services in the country. Here are some types of care services that have grown in popularity in America.

7 Types of Health Care Services

Adult Day Service – Designed for seniors who can no longer stay in their own homes for even a short period of time. The elderly will be residing in a secure environment with regular supervision.

Assisted Living – Suited for people who are unfit to live alone but do not require extended care. The elderly will be provided assistance with their day-to-day tasks like getting clean and taking of medications. Facilities offering this type of care ranges from a single room, an apartment, to a multi-residential building.

Nursing Care – This service is provided by registered nurses to individuals who require extensive care. Taking medications and attendance to medical appointments is closely monitored. Although the independence of the client is still kept in mind, the patient is still encouraged to go on with his usual daily activities.

Rehabilitative Care – This care service is aimed at patients who are recovering from previous medical conditions like injury, illnesses, or recent operations. This may include medical therapies, specialized diets, and pharmaceutical services.

Dementia Care – This elder care service is specially designed for people suffering from cognitive diseases⁠ — Alzheimer’s disease being the most common. Specialized care is provided to slow down or regulate the symptoms.

Hospice Care – This elder care is focused on providing social and emotional support to seniors who are nearing the end of life. This service also applies to people who have stopped trying to cure their condition in order to reduce their suffering. This care also involves therapy and counseling.

In-Home Care – This is for patients who need assistance with their daily tasks but wants to stay with the comfort of their home. In-home care is one, if not, the most preferred care service by many families in America because it can provide care to their elders without them having to go to a different place. They can still enjoy each other’s company but at the same time, improving their loved one’s quality of life.

There are a number of companies dedicated to deploying private senior caregivers. In Thousand Oaks and surrounding cities, Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care Agency is representing a gold standard in affordability and reliability. A good number of highly trained, licensed, and experienced caregivers are maintained. They can be readily deployed to a hospital or the patient’s home for an interview in less than 2 hours from the request. By choosing a trustworthy home care agency like Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care, you can rest assured that your loved ones are well-taken care of and have improved their quality of life.

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