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Seniors, Sunlight, and Nature:

The benefits of the natural environment and hiring elderly care professionals for our aging relatives in Camarillo, CA

We all know that exposure to the natural environment can positively affect our health and well-being. This fact is indispensable for people of different gender, walks of life, and age. Because of the benefits that getting outdoors entail, it is recommended for everyone but most especially for seniors. Yes, this recreation is most essential to our aging relatives.

Some people may argue about this because of the side effects of elders being exposed to too much sunlight. But a proper balance of sun exposure can actually be beneficial for our senior loved ones. In order to meet this, many people opt to hire elder care professionals in places like Camarillo, CA. This way, they can be sure that their loved ones get balanced outdoor exposure on a regular basis.

Now, when we talk about holistic health, there are 5 aspects that we take into consideration: PHYSICAL; SOCIALEMOTIONAL; MENTAL; and SPIRITUAL. Yes, it is important for us to provide equal attention to each of these aspects in our elderly relative’s health. And, YES, exposure to nature can contribute to the effort of ensuring holistic health.

How? You may ask. Well, to answer your big ‘H’ question, let’s start by discussing the benefits of elders’ natural environment exposure to the different aspects of health.


This is the most obvious aspect of an elderly’s overall health that benefits from exposure to the natural environment. Mostly because it is also one of the first things that would deteriorate as a person grows older. Now, taking our elderly relatives to a walk in the park or around the neighborhood has very obvious benefits to our senior relative’s physical health. Furthermore, simple picnics beside a nearby lake or river will also do wonders as your elderly relative gets to have a breath of fresh air.

Through outdoor recreational activities, there is an increased engagement in physical activities. Even if it’s for a morning or afternoon walk, this will help our seniors stretch some muscles. Also, they get to inhale fresh air and be exposed to natural light. Basking in the sun, helps seniors have increased Vitamin D levels in their bodies which are known to help keep them away from osteoporosis, cancer, and even depression. Moreover, they will have more glowing skin instead of looking pale.

Other benefits to the physical health of nature to elders would include a boost in immunity, increased energy levels, faster injury recovery, and relief from pain.


Accompanying your elderly relative through a stroll allows them to have more social opportunities. These are their chances of meeting new people, reuniting with old friends, and have a quick chat with neighbors. Allowing them to spend time with other people instead of keeping them inside the home where they only get to interact with a few people would result in benefits on their social well-being. For a start, interpersonal interaction would boost self-esteem and positivity. These are essential in making sure that our elderly relatives do not feel lonely and out of touch, something that can lead to depression in the long run.


Because our elderly relatives had struggled through years of work, giving them time to be with nature will allow them to relax their brains which is so used to daily mental processes. There have been studies showing that the color green, combined with the sounds of nature like the flow of water, chirping birds, and the blowing of the wind through branches can relax the brain.

Also, through their stay outdoors, elderly people are able to see many mobile things other than the ones inside the confines of the home. This will allow their brains to function but in a slower, non-pressured manner.

All of these, in turn, can help keep our elders from possibilities of non-hereditary mental illnesses.


Yes, emotional health. Subsequent to the effects of outdoor recreation on the physical, social, and mental well-being of our elders, emotional health is also affected. See, when our elders feel less physical pain, their moods will definitely be good as well.

The activities that our elderly relatives get involved in contribute greatly to their bodies’ production of ‘happy hormones’. These hormones such as Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphin are essential in balancing our elder’s mood and overall emotional wellbeing.


It’s also a YES for the spiritual aspect of health. See, spiritual health is not only about being religious but it is also about how one person connects to his/her inner self. Exposure to the natural environment will allow our elderly relatives to have clear, relaxed minds and positive feelings. This is an avenue for them to contemplate and speak to their inner selves. This is one essential process because in most cases, this results in their acceptance of old age.

See, letting our elderly relatives spend some time with nature, or simply letting them have some outdoor time, would greatly affect their holistic health. This is a supplementary activity that we can undertake aside from stuffing maintenance medicine in their bodies.

It’s like “hitting two birds with one stone” but you get to hit three extra goals.

However, time may be a hindrance in order for us to achieve this overall goal. Many people are very positive in advocating their elderly relatives to outdoor activities but they do not have the time to accompany their relatives.

If this is the case for you too, then opting for 24-hour caregivers for your senior family member here in Camarillo, CA, might be the best answer. With the help of caregivers, you can rest assured that your senior relatives will have a regular, balanced, and sufficient dose of natural environment bond that they need.

We, at Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care, would be more than happy to help you in finding the best match of a caregiver for your elderly relative. Please feel free to browse through the pages of our website to learn about how we can help you out with this matter.

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