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What to Expect with In-Home Care

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the benefits of in-home private duty care over institutional care. We at Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care provide what we consider the best quality in home care services in Los Angeles for older adults who find it more difficult than it was before to take care of themselves, or people with disabilities and impairments who need a pair of helping hands around.

Here are some benefits of hiring in-home private duty care over subscribing to institutional care.

Personalized care and attention

Unlike institutional care and senior residencies where things can be a little hectic what with everything going on, hiring a private duty caregiver fosters a calm, one-on-one atmosphere. This one-on-one atmosphere means that the person being cared for is getting all the care and attention that he/she needs. Whether the activity is sticking to medication programs, following a healthy and balanced diet, getting regular exercise, a private-duty caregiver is there to help their ward handle it all.

Not to mention the expertise of our caregivers here at Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care. Before being able to represent our company in in-home care services in Los Angeles, our caregivers undergo multiple tests and are required to file the necessary documents, such as a clean DMV record, great work references, fluency in English, and more.

Comfort and security of your home

Moving out can be stressful, and stress is one of the last things people need when they’re in their seniors. Having to leave the nook you call home can be a big move for well-settled young adults. Considering this, just imagine how immense it is of a decision for senior citizens, people who have built memories both good and bad inside those four walls. By hiring a private-duty caregiver, a senior or disabled person is allowed the convenience of staying within their space of comfort, while also maintaining a sense of security with the facilities of their household. Moving into a care institution can raise a handful of doubts for the skeptical—are their facilities good enough, are the people nice, will they be able to adapt; when a person chooses to stay in their own home and hire a private caregiver, they effectively eliminate these doubts.

You can also be rest assured that the caregivers from Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care are experts at home making. From light housekeeping, vacuuming, washing the dishes, to caring for house plants—truly, they take care of their client’s homes as well as they do the clients.

Autonomy and companionship

Although institutions that offer long-term care and senior residences do allow their residents to go out every once in a while—it isn’t a prison, after all, it can be draining to have to settle in and stay in a place that one does not consider home. Staying in one’s actual home enables the person to pursue hobbies and interests that would perhaps be uncomfortable in other places and settings. Things such as light arts and crafts, going out to attend clubs and meetings, these are all made easier with the help of a private duty caregiver thanks to their companionship and much-needed support and assistance.

If you find yourself interested in the idea, our in home care services in Los Angeles are top-quality, experienced, trained and completely reliable. We at Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care Agency always aim to deliver a kind of private duty caregiving service that is affordable yet reassuring in quality. Call us now at 800-418-8576 or 818-728-9878 for inquiries.

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