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Why Hire a Caregiver for your loved ones?

“My parents are getting old, what should I do?”

 “Should I stay with them and take up the responsibility of taking care of them myself?”

 “If I do that, am I ready? Would I know what I’m doing? Can I manage my time properly?”

 “Should I hire someone to do the job instead?”

 “If I do, would I be fine with having non-family members take care of my elderly loved ones? Do I really need to do that?”

These are the questions that you may ask yourself one day… or you may even be asking yourself these questions now.

We understand the difficult dilemma of having an elderly relative. If you have decided to take your elderly relatives in and take care of them yourself, that is good. On the other hand, if the thought of availing elderly care services here in Hidden Valley, CA plays in your mind but you are still quite hesitant about doing so, we, at Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care are here to present some facts about why you should consider hiring a caregiver.

There are more reasons why hiring an in-home caregiver would be more advisable other than the fact that you may not have the luxury of time to take care of your elderly relatives. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Caregivers are also health professionals
    • There are caregivers who have a background in nursing or are registered nurses. If you have a family member who has some health-related situations, like diabetes, caregivers are more than capable of handling their special needs and even go the extra mile of planning and preparing appropriate meals depending on the specific health needs of your elderly relatives.
  2.  They can regularly monitor Food and Medication Intake
    • Time is really one of the major factors why many resorts to caregivers, especially for working professionals who would not be able to regularly check on their elderly loved ones a regular basis. This is especially applicable in the monitoring of food and medication intake of the elders. As we all know, most elders would often become forgetful and tend to miss their meals and medicine intake schedules.
  3. Caregivers serve as the immediate rescue during falls and injuries
    • Injuries caused by falling are one of the leading causes of senior fatality. Old age comes with a decrease in mobility and loss of balance thus being the reason for some injuries. In these cases, caregivers are properly trained to assist and do first aid before transporting the patient to medical facilities for further checking.
  4. They Provide Assistance for Hygiene and Physical Care
    • There would be instances when senior relatives would miss or even not want to take a bath, brush their teeth, or properly groom. Caregivers can help out by ensuring that these personal hygiene tasks are met on a regular basis.
    • Also, elder caregivers can carry out light exercises or encourage yoga participation in order to maintain a healthy body for your aging loved ones.
  5. They Provide Emotional and Moral Support
    • Not that you would not be able to provide this, but think of the times when you are not home and the elderly relative needs someone to talk to. Caregivers are also trained to properly absorb, process, and respond to these talks with the elderly – especially those who are experiencing Alzheimer’s disease.

Ultimately, caregivers are not just hired workers to keep an eye on your aging relatives. They are also their companions, their coffee buddy, their afternoon-walk friend, their emotional confidant, their friendly nurse, and many more.

These are just a few reasons why you should hire a caregiver for your loved ones and we, at Alexis Compassionate Care Home Care, would want to tell you more. If you want to discuss more these benefits, or if you are planning to avail of elderly care services here in Hidden Valley, CA, and other nearby areas, you can simply give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly attend to your concerns.

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